Bri't Ahavah - Covenant of Love
Recorder: 209-640-9888
A Messianic Congregation

to refresh the soul
Tables set to greet the guests
Shofar - Arnold
Shofar - Lee
Shofar- Rick
Filling glasses with Kosher Wine or Kadeem Grape Juice as each guest requested
Blessing God for the Matzah
Desserts portion of the Meal line
Preparing the meal table
Passover Seder 5776 (2016)
I had never been to a Passover Seder before.  I had heard it talked about, have attended Jewish services, and recognized Hanukkah, so the invitation sounded intriguing.  I read about it on the Internet and read Exodus, however, I felt your service meant more than what I had read or expected, providing an understanding and meaning that was translated to mean pure love for me. Thank you for your generous hospitality: The food was delicious, the hosts were lovely and I feel completely blessed because of your service.- VH 4/10/12
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PASSOVER TIPS:  Remove all yeast/wheat products from home by evening of Passover (6 pm).   Buy a box of matzah marked "Kosher for Passover".  Good time to eat fresh fruit and veggies!   Matzah goes well with: butter, horse radish, applesauce, or peanut butter ... be inventive!
Parsley, Eggs, and Charoseth
Reading the Haggadah with Seder Plate (c) P.Franklin
Reading the Haggadah (c) P.Franklin
Arnold explains the seder components using the Hagadah
Passover Seder 5772 (2012)
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