Bri't Ahavah - Covenant of Love
Recorder: 209-640-9888
A Messianic Congregation

to refresh the soul
erev Shabbat (Friday evening) - Location TBA
>>>> We celebrate festival days on the NEAREST erev Shabbat (Friday evening) which makes sense. <<<<

2021: Rosh haShanah, Yom Kippur (Read Leviticus, wear white), Sukkot (Read Jonah and Ecclesiastes), Hanukkah​ (Read Maccabees)

2022 Purim (Read Esther), Pesach /Passover (Read Exodus, wear white), Shavuot/Pentecost (Read Ruth)
6:30 pm        Worship with Messianic Songs
7:00 pm-ish  Liturgy (Hebrew and English)
7:30 pm-ish  Hebrew Aleph-bet (alphabet) Class

Through our erev Shabbat service, we seek to express our love for G-d through liturgy and worship that dates from Moshe (Moses) to the present. We begin our time each Shabbat in a messianic liturgy (evening service).

B'rit Ahavah uses  the Complete Jewish Bible (English Version by David Stern)
Events have casual dress.  Men are encouraged (not required) to wear a kippah ... and if knowledgeable of its daytime use, wear a tallit (prayer shawl).  Tallit are not used in the evening, while tzitzit (tassels of fringed knots) have variant use in the evening among communities.  Women are encouraged (not required) to have a wrap-around scarf.    

Only two events have a dress code, and then it is only a color, not a style.  PASSOVER and YOM KIPPUR both have a color theme of WHITE to reflect how G-d washes our souls and purifies us through Yeshua. ... and even then, not because we can be pure in and of ourselves, but  because we are honoring the purity of HaShem (The Name).
If you have a question, ask AFTER the service.  We LOVE questions.
Devar Torah (A Short Sermon)
Dr.Arnold Da Vigo
Meaning of Noah (19 min)